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Medium Uploader: A Contentful Integration App

Medium Uploader: A Contentful Integration App

Posted in Cloud Computing by Jay Simons
Published on May 15, 2022

I use as my headless CMS for Designly Blog. Previously, I've been using Medium's import post function to bring my posts in. I got tired of this and thought, "Surely there's a way to automate this!"

Thankfully, Contentful is a highly-extensible service and I delved deep into the developer docs and came up with a perfectly-working plugin app that allows you to upload your blog post from Contenful directly from the entry editor screen.

The app is called, cleverly, "Medium Uploader." Yeah... I know... Currently, Medium Uploader only supports Short Text markdown fields for content. I plan to implement Contenful's Rich Text format in the near future. I'm quite partial to markdown, so I'm a little reluctant to change now.

Another limitiation is Medium Uploader currently only supports English language versions of your content. Once I learn more about language options in the Contentful APP SDK, I will be adding support for multiple languages.

Getting Started

If you're not already a Contentful user, I highly recommend you sign up. It's completely free with limitations, but I have yet to exceed those limitations.

The next thing you need to do is generate an Integration Token from your Medium profile settings. Once you install Medium Uploader, you'll be presented with a configuration screen. Simply paste this token into the field and click Fetch.

You'll need to structure your blog post Content Type in a way that Medium Uploader can understand. You'll need the following fields:

  • Title
  • Slug (generated from title)
  • Content (Short-Text Markdown)
  • Tags (Referrence -> Array of Short Text)

Medium only recognized the first three tags you submit, so be sure to prioritize the ones you want on Medium first.

I sure hope people find this app useful and I offer it 100% free of charge! To install Medium Uploader, please Visit the Website.

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